Brinestones Oysters

"“Clean, white, consistent”" Meet Marlow
Grower: Marlow
Method: Medium
Size: Medium
Salinity: Moderate
Size: Medium
Sweetness: Moderate
Texture: Silky

Since 2017, Brinestone Oysters has been the one man show of Marlow Kendall, a printer and tradesman who found himself in Maine in 2009. Located in Brunswick, ME, this boutique farm harvests roughly 25,000 oysters to be sold on the commercial market each year. With a growing time of 3-4 years, Brinestone shells present themselves as clean, white, and with an incredibly unique shape. Indeed, these shells catch the eye of all customers, as if they are a work of art rather than a delicious bivalve. Brinestone Oysters are silky, sweet, and salty, making them a delightful addition to any half or full dozen assortment.

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