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Meet Mook Sea Farm

Briny start w/ a sweet aftertaste, earthy & vegetal

Started in 1985 by Bill Mook on the Damariscotta River, Mook Sea Farm and their oysters are the gold standard for the Maine Oyster Industry. What started initially as a hatchery has grown into a 20+ person operation. The farm has a drive to push the boundaries of oyster growing and harvesting technology. Indeed, their hatchery engages in extensive scientific research to help create a more sustainable and efficient product, and partners with the University of Maine and other environmental organizations to share data and employ R&D interns. Their grow process is systematic and detail driven, enabling them to produce a high volume of quality oysters. 

Moondancer Oysters have a distinct sweet-salty taste profile duality. According to the farmers, their oysters provide a "briny kiss" followed by a "sweet glow." You can enjoy these fresh Maine Oysters shipped directly to your door in a variety of our products. Sourced directly from the farm, the story of a perfect Summer afternoon in Maine starts and ends with Moondancer Oysters. 

Moondancer Oyster Farm