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How do you apply for small business funds from stimulus package? Advance Local

LaDon Swann, Director at MS/AL Sea Grant, describes the relief the U.S. stimulus bill will provide small businesses.

A Fisherman’s Guide to Selling Seafood in Maine GMRI

A guide that documents the key licenses necessary in different sales scenarios for fishermen in the state of Maine.

David Cline, Auburn University, curates a bunch of aquaculture (mostly) related educational material YouTube

Aquaculture Education - A collection of videos dedicated to aquaculture and aquaponics education.

New Publication Helps Oyster Farmers Get Product to Market DMR

For an oyster farm to be a profitable enterprise, farmers need to get the product to market. The options that are available to them - especially new farmers can sometimes be confusing. To help navigate the challenging regulatory requirements, Maine Sea Grant, Maine DMR, UMaine, and NOAA have published an informative publication titled "Guidance to Maine oyster farmers on selling your product in state." Link at the end of article

Farming The Ocean To Feed The World | Scott Lindell | TEDxCambridgeSalon Tedx Talks Youtube

Current farming and fishing practices are having devastating impacts on our climate and environment. Scott Lindell, Research Specialist at The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, reveals how marine aquaculture can sustainably feed the world's growing population. As US policies make it almost impossible to meaningfully develop fish, shellfish, and seaweed farms, he shows how simple changes to our diets and policies will drive this more sustainable future.

GMRI Maine Shellfish Study

An in depth research report from the Gulf of Maine Research Institute giving an overview of the oyster industry both nationally and in Maine.. starts on page 14