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If you need to clean up a waterway, plant an oyster farm. Oysters have been shown to improve water quality by removing nitrogen and other nutrients that in excess can cause dead zones and other problems. But even great natural filters like oysters can’t store 100% of what they take in. So, researchers decided to investigate what happens to the seafloor soils beneath oyster farms where copious amounts of poop hit the ground. Their findings, published in the Journal of Environmental Quality (https
A new field study by researchers at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science shows minimal impacts from oyster aquaculture overall, suggesting that low-density oyster farms located in well-flushed areas are unlikely to impair local water quality. Published in today’s issue of PLOS ONE, the study was authored by VIMS doctoral student Jessie Turner along with Drs. Lisa Kellogg, Grace Massey, and Carl Friedrichs. Partial funding was provided by The Nature Conservancy.
The Nature Conservancy and The University of New Hampshire, together with other partners, are teaming up to rebuild degraded oyster reef habitat in the Piscataqua Region Estuary of New Hampshire and Maine.
A review of new developments & overview of the nitrogen marine cycle in general including fixation, nitrification & more!
We present a methodology for the detection of dissolved inorganic phosphorous (DIP) in seawater using an electrochemically driven actuator-sensor system. The motivation for this work stems from the lack of tangible solutions for the in situ monitoring of nutrients in water systems
Using gene sequencing and PCR to find levels
Explanation of the Nitrogenase enzyme.. catalyst for nitrogen fixation N2 =>NH3
While marine kelp forests have provided valuable ecosystem services for millennia, the global ecological and economic value of those services is largely unresolved. Kelp forests are diminishing in many regions worldwide, and efforts to manage these ecosystems are hindered without accurate estimates of the value of the services that kelp forests provide to human societies. Here, we present a global estimate of the ecological and economic potential of three key ecosystem services - fisheries produ
PDF Available Determination of dissolved nutrients (N, P, Si) in seawater with high precision and inter-comparability using gas-segmented continuous flow analysers