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A recent happy slurper from Virginia!

Get your Taste of Maine on today!

Visit to Eros Farm

Last week, some of our team, had the pleasure of joining Mark, Mike, and the rest of the Eros family on the farm! Learning about the Robinhood Cove Coop was fascinating - as well as seeing of the stunning land overlooking a vast span of cages. The whole family was warm and generous with their space and we can't wait to return!

The Basin Project: Mission Shell Drop

Today it begins. Grow baby grow!!

Experiences at Base Camp

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Products Out Takes

We are gearing up for something awesome
Products Out Takes

Ferda Farms LLC

A quick montage of Maine Oyster farm action with Freda Farms LLC. Located in the New Meadows region of Maine, this fresh new farm with their oyster - the Bombazine - is gaining traction as one of the most innovative farms in Maine!

A day on the farm

Libby and Alex out and at it!
A day on the farm