Shucking Kits

Interactive & Experiential
Comes shuck with us!  Our shucking kit includes everything you need to get started along with unlimited shucking support from Team Boom Shuck a Lucka!

Base Kit includes
  • 20 oysters
  • 1 custom shucking knife
  • 1 set of gloves
  • 1 custom travel cooler

$113 $103

**Prices include overnight shipping

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We just ate them all! Literally, perfect. The package, the presentation, the product. Awesome!

Jacob Greenwood ,

Thank you! They were amazing. And we appreciate the “heavy pour” and new shucking knife - which I really liked using. Appreciate you sending them off-cycle. We were loving the club - but now more so than every.

Jim ,

You’re my new addiction ... tastier than shoes ... although I keep ordering those as well lol

Kimberly Millis, MA

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