"The Jumbo Catch" Maine Lobster Roll

Makes 12 Lobster Rolls

$190 $228

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Jumbo size me please. Enjoy 2 lbs of fresh,  hand picked Maine lobster along with everything you need to create your own very own traditional Maine Lobster roll fest.  Sourced from local Maine lobstermen/women, never frozen, sweet and delicious! It Boom Shuck a Lobster time!!!
12 Maine Oysters
24 Maine Oysters
1 extra bag of Chips
1 Extra Split Top Bun
Shucking Knife
Travel Cooler Bag
Creme MOC T-Shirt
MOC Long Sleeve

How to Make a Maine Lobster Roll


Learn alongside Oyster John & Quilla the great  as we guide you from start to finish on how to make the traditional and we hope boom shuck a licious Maine Lobster Roll!