Twas The Night Before Xmas

Twas the Night Before...

And all through Basecamp...

Twas the night before Xmas

And all through Basecamp

Not a shucker was shucking, not even thee

Oyster bags were hung by Polar Bear with great care

In hopes that St Johnny would soon be shucking there

The babies were nestled all snug on the flats

Whilst vision of pearls danced in their shells

Libby D  in a truck, Nat J in a cap

Had just finished up one MOCtale, oh snap!

When out on the high sea there was quite a splash

Yung Mogul, Quilla too, wondered what was todo?

It was time to  shuck, slurp & savor

That one mighty fine oyster flavor

Then what to Ahmeds eyes did appear on the horizon

The MOC 1, shucking elves & oyster farmers a ton

They slurped, oh they savored, and they called them by name:

Now Basket, Mere Pt, Little Buster & Ferda

On Eros,  Moondancer, even Glidden you too!

Now shuck away,  shuck away,  shuck away all

With oysters nice & plump, that jollly Skunk named John

Croc Pot, Mighty Mayo, Chef Todd,   Mr Weese

They all played roles in the unfolding story piece

Thus whilst Alex sipped the merrior

And Missy slurped that fine brine

We helped try to give  peace

Before this fine oyster feast

That with community...and collaboration


So without not a word

They shucked nice & fast

Then back to sea they went

An oyster farmers day spent

But as their lights faded

They shouted one final thought

Maine oysters to all & happy holidays we call