"Santa By Sea"

Tuesday, December 29th East End Beach, Portland Maine

Portland Maine... are you ready!!!

On Tuesday, December 29th @ 3:00 Santa himself along with a small parade of oyster farmer boats will make its way from Fort Gorges to the East End boat ramp to unload 6 FREE oysters for whomever would like them.


Simply to celebrate the holidays, bring community together & perhaps most importantly return his shucking elves who were hard at work at The MOC Pole back to their real home at the North Pole until next season.

After Santa and his oyster farmer friends including Mere Point, Little Busters, Basket Island, Love Point, Ferda Farms and more have unloaded their oysters, the shucking elves will toss 5 real pearls into the intertidal zone off the East End Beach as they depart.

The next day any lucky beach walker may have a REALLY GOOD DAY!  

Please join us by simply showing up to watch & share in the Xmas/holiday love.

The MOC Pole

47 Wallace Circle, Phippsburg

Come visit the MOC Pole North, our workshop on the coast of Maine & leave a last minute xmas letter for Santa...maybe you will even bump into a shucking elf!