Farm Tours

Farm tours closed for 2019 season!  

They will begin in June 2020. Sign up here to stay alerted as spaces are limited and can fill fast!

  • Interactive Oyster Farm Experience: Join us on our own Cape Small oyster farm and learn the entire oyster farming process from start to finish plus get to lend a real hand with some oyster can leave saying you are a real oyster farmer! Time: 2 hours  Cost: $70/person
  • New Meadows Farm Tour Extravaganza: Visit 3-5 farms along the New Meadows River.. a hot bed of new oyster farm growth in the state of Maine.  Learn about the industry, learn about the oyster and enjoy a great day on the water: Time: 2.5 hours Cost: $75/person
  • The Boom Shuck a Lucka Experience - Combine the 2 tours above for an oyster morning or afternoon you will never forget. Time: 4 hrs Cost: $135/person.
All tours include 1 dozen oysters per person for take home or onsite slurping!  

All tours leave from Base Camp, our oyster farm, retreat and event center in Phippsburg Maine about an hours drive from Portland. 47 Wallace Circle, Phippsburg, ME 04562

Interested in staying alerted when we release our Spring/Summer/Fall 2020 schedule.. leave your information here.  Thanks!

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