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Monthly Oysters w/ a story
We invite you to come join us on our journey...we call it the Boom Shuck-a-Lucka Way! So gather all around to hear what we have to say with Jerry the Jolly Jumbo & Paula the Petite Pearl to help guide you along the way!

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Grower Map to chart your progress
Look what I got you Mom!
Custom cooler to keep them fresh and delicious!

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A Story Each Month

We invite you to come join with us on our journey...we call it the Boom Shuck-a-Lucka Way! So please gather all around and here what we have to say. Our guides along the way will be Jumbo Oyster and Pearl....

We have broken the coast of Maine into 6 regions starting with Southern Maine and workign our way through the Damariscotta Region finishing ultimately in Downeast Maine. 3 month tours will get an oyster from Casco Bay, Damariscotta & Downeast. 6 month tours will include Southern Maine, Casco Bay, New Meadows, Damariscotta, & Downeast! We work with over 30+ farms throughout this region thus if you choose to go on a 2nd tour with us we will always be able to keep it fresh and new!