Club Boom Shuck a Lucka

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Goooooood morning CLUB BOOOMIE!!!,
click above for video audio version :) inspired by this one

With our heads mostly down & the oyster shells mostly shucked up the MOC train has been working very hard on many exciting, challenging & at times extremely trying endeavors, BUT also interspersed with fun trips to the farm like Club Member #17, Chris & his wife Maria can attest to here! 

Our Core Team, is the PRIMARY reason we are where we are.   It it not easy building a hybrid community & company.  I, John,  bring a ton of energy & vision, but without the patience, ideas, organizational capacities,  unique skillsets & willingness to care deeply for what we are doing from this core team, we would not be where we are today.

Meg - Our chief mixologist & oysterologist, her new roles in addition to event operations manager is creating & organizing the launch of an  exciting "Cocktails & Pearls" lineup that will be coming soon.  #getready

Emily -Our MOC Headquarters Chief Officer aka oyster bar manager, when not dealing with our loving extended team member Ahmed, has kept things running during perhaps the most challenging time for this industry, incredible work.

Henry - Our newest core member is today preparing to logistically coordinate 50+ shipping orders, 75 for tomorrow and TBD for Wednesday as we ship Maine oyster Love throughout the country at a surreal scale for us.  BOOOOOOM SHUCK A LUCKA!

Chef Todd - HE IS BACK!!  Making mignonettes like these  plus simply being awesome.  I mean would you call this an awesome video or what!!

Missy -  The longest running team member and official concierge/customer service operations guru is simply incredibly incredible plus pretty craft too. :)  

John - Well, he has been staring at a computer screen, drinking WAY TOO much Diet Coke & not eating enough of this stuff  as he works hard to create the next  Oystergram, Bivalveazon  &  Wikislurps all rolled into one Boom Shuck-a-Licious virtual community. 

Once core, always core team

  • Original gangster Libby, whom many of you know, is currently saving the African world one stove top at a time.
  • Nick aka Yung Oyster Mogul aka "Aqua Slurp Man", I mean check this guy out, will most likey invent something that runs the world soon.
  • Alex - He really loves the oyster, but he REALLY LOVES the Big Tuna... he may be out fishing now!
  • Quilla - She is the creator of great things including our "Eat An Oyster, Save The World" mural at MOC Headquarters. As she expliains here, she drives a cool truck, but she is actually a human of great intellectual capacity.

As we contine to be safe, postitive and thankful during this time of year, I want to say I miss so  many of you on this list & feel confident 2021 will open up a ton of pretty epic opportunity to share life together & the Maine oyster.


John, Papa shuck

Team Outtakes & Bloopers

Libby & Emily

Private night at MOC

It Begins

Mixology meets Oyserology


Note Merritt Island Hat!

Merry Xmas & Happy Holidays