Ready Player One..the journey begins

Maine Oyster Company Frontal

Mar 20, 2018 | Category : On the Farm

Build it and they will come!

So you start with an idea and then add a healthy dollop of architectural awesomeness, a few pinches of ideas from local restaurateurs, a retired boat builder, a guy named Hutch, a few master craftsman, a healthy scoop of grunt labor and most importantly a wonderful sprinkling of family and friends and what do you get?!?!  

Meet the Maine Oyster Companies motley crew or simply the MOC Motley Crew

So as we get closer to realizing the dream and vision of opening up an oyster bar in Portland we must continually remind ourselves that the journey is the destination.

Life has many ups and downs, unpredictabilities and the more we can simply just live in the moment and be happy and honest with ourselves and others the better the experience seems to go!

A work in progress on every front.. the hope is we will be successful in chronicling the story of an entrepreneurial journey to build a company built around the awesome baby oyster.

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