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Oct 02, 2019 | Category : On the Farm

Top of the day to ya!
Alicia here, new intern of The Maine Oyster Company. Here to bring you the latest, greatest updates on Maine’s oyster and aquaculture scene. If you’ve been following our mission over the past year, thank you for reading and if you’re just joining us, welcome! 
  Today is the day - the relaunch of the blog! This is a platform where we seek to provide you with some shameless plugs about at the crazy and exciting things happening along Maine’s coast. We hope that we can help you to understand the relationship from sea to slurp of your oyster among other products coming from our coastal waters! 
  We hope to highlight traceability, sustainability, the potential of the aquaculture industry and its effects on our economy and bring you more information about the people growing your food! We hope that you with each post you feel more connected to your food, your ocean and your local farmer. 
For us here at Maine Oyster Company we seek to provide an oyster community through experience and story! We have so much to tell you so we hope you will join us in this journey!
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