First unofficial official Oye-Tale Night at the Store!

Oye Tail

Jun 27, 2017 | Category : On the Farm

A big day for The Maine Oyster Company , MyMaineOyster or simply oyster endeavors at the general store.. take your pick!

We had our first of hopefully many fun, relaxed, awesome weekly oyster slurping (and counting), beer tasting (and growler chugging) and brainstorming sesh (we are in the market for a jet if anybody happens to have one).

The 4 growlers of fantastic Flight Deck brew certainly helped the good vibes and conversation flow!

What is pretty cool I think to about our initial posse…Sverre, Jake,Joe, Peter, Jordi, Nate, Jaime & Kevin…is that we all live on Casco Bay in some form.. pretty awesome.

Many barnacle cuts later, I keep forgetting to wear my gloves, I brought a batch of oysters back to the Store where Sverre and I hand counted approximately 200 little babies.. culling out the dead ones

We calculated about a 20% mortality rate.. better than 100%.

Happy tales to all,

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