Facility Build Out and our Babies are Really Growing

Aug 01, 2017 | Category : On the Farm

Today we had our 2nd official oye-tale… 5 strong with Sverre, Bryn, Joeby, Pierce and myself.  Incredible oysters from Brian in Mt Desert and an awesome boat cruise!

Lots happening here at the store…Darcy and Lee are dominating the build out of the facility, Byronee came down for video footage and Rodgy brought a new line and tank of gas to get Lundy back in action!

Tuesday June 12th
So this afternoon I went out to the farm with my new buddy Ben, a member of the newly created Boom Shuck-a-lucka team.. a phrase I am 99% sure my awesome brother from another mother Joe coined a while back.. his creativity along with so many other is helping grow this endeavor.

Anyhow.. the last time I went to the farm I was a bit disheartened by the lack of oyster growth coupled with the super growth of barnacles and what I will call from this point forward…seaweed muck.. BUT LET ME TELL YOU.. they are growing.. no freaking joke.. its game time. The water temp rose from mid 50’s to the mid 60’s and I guess the oysters were like.. lets eat!

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