The Maine Oyster Company

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Imagining, Creating & Slurping

Farm to Slurp Certified

The Maine Oyster Companies journey began in 2016 with the opening of a small farm in Phippsburg, Maine and the creation of base camp pictured to the right Our horizon has expanded into a vision and a genuine movement to share the Maine experience through the story of the oyster through the farmers, the slurpers and the communities it is shaping and building.. to live, breath and share our state motto... "the way life should be" To date our journey can best be described as organic, synergistic and almost fate driven. We are growing family and we hope you will want to be a part of it as well..sharing, spreading and enjoying the whole experience.

Early Beginnings

Welcome to Base Camp

Situated on the eastern most side of Casco Bay a the quintessential coastal fishing village of West Point Maine is base camp for The Maine Oyster Company, a family/community compound where locals, Jerrigel's and others congregate! Its original use was as a general store and thus we aptly still refer to the space as “The Store.” We host event, lobster bakes and hope to initiate oyster retreats in the future with the 7 bedroom dancehall across the street..stay tuned!

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The Oyster Growers

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