The Maine Oyster Company

Building a community through experience and story
Driven to build a sustainable, long lasting business in Maine our drive & passion comes from working to build a true community through shared experience. with all who are interested in being a part of our endveavor and would subscribe soundly to a "Rising Tide Raises all Shells Mentality!" we try to bring to all that we do.

Our Mission

Shuck, Slurp & Share Maine Oysters
Our mission at its core is about moving and sharing the Maine oyster through a wide variety of direct and experiential channels. It is also about helping all farmers succeed, sacrficicing at times our own economic benefit for the intangible benefits of working together, growing together and building an industry togehter.
"A Rising Tide Raises all Shells Mentality!"

Our Team

John Herrigel
Nick Hagler
Emily Johnston
Alex Pillsbury

Welcome to Base Camp

Phippburg, ME

Situated on the eastern most side of Casco Bay a the quintessential coastal fishing village of West Point Maine is base camp for The Maine Oyster Company, a family/community compound where locals, Jerrigel's and others congregate! Its original use was as a general store and thus we aptly still refer to the space as “The Store.” We host event, lobster bakes and hope to initiate oyster retreats in the future with the 7 bedroom dancehall across the street..stay tuned!

This entire enterprise and endeavor has come from one connection leading to the next and the next. Our original ideas centered around seaweed before meeting with grower Adam St. Gelais whom suggested checking out oysters! We got our 1st LPA (400 sq ft of leased water) from the state to start growing our oysters! Now in season 3 we have some "Cape Smalls" ready to slurp and its pretty exciting! Oyster growing is challenging, messy and hard work, but its equally rewarding and extremely fulling when one gets to slurp their own product.

The Early Years :)

Video 1 -- Video 2 -- Video 3 -- Video 4

MOC Headquarters

38 Portland Street, Portland
The heart and headquarters of our endeavors. On one level a simple raw oyster bar, but on another level it is much more. It is the home of our vision and a space that has already seen so much love and excitement. Nestled in the West Bayside community of Portland we hope to to continue to share and enjoy this space with as many as possible!

Phase 1: Demo

Video 1 -- Video 2 -- Video 3 -- Video 4

Video 1 -- Video 2 -- Video 3 -- Video 4

Video 1 -- Video 2 -- Video 3 -- Video 4

Visit Our Restaurant

Cape Small Oysters

Phippsburg, ME

Located in Cape Small Harbor our farm is currently in pre-revenue phase as they call it. There is a 2 to 3 year "buy-in" period from when you essentially plant your little babies until they are full grown and slurpable. We grow American Oysters, also reffered to as Eastern Oysters, (Crassostrea virginica). The farm is where it really all started and we love to show it off thus reach out anytime for a tour!