Rise of the Maine Oyster

Date: Tue, May 21st
Time: 4:30 to 7:30
Please join us for the upcoming "Rise of the Maine Oyster" networking session, our May installment of the Entrepreneurship in the Blue Economy event series. This month, we're incredibly excited for an evening of oyster tasting, informative presentations, and open discussion with a wonderful group of Maine oyster farmers. 

John Herrigel of the Maine Oyster Company has assembled an expert panel of speakers that will touch on the history of the industry, what it takes to raise an oyster, the challenges of day-to-day operations, and how marketing is critical for this growing industry.

 Attending farmers will shuck and serve you their oysters, help you identify the differences in flavor, and even give some pointers on how to crack an oyster open yourself.
Rise of the Maine Oyster