THe Yarmouth Farm Share

Shares will be delivered to the Rowe School Parking Lot and can be picked up between 12:00 - 1:00 on Saturdays. Rowe School is located at 52. School Street Yarmouth.

25 oysters / $40 week

Yarmouth residents only Bi Week or Weekly!

$41 $49

Shucking Tools


Combos & Caviar

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Program Overview

A unique and special collaborative endeavor to bring fresh, student grown oysters from the Yarmouth Shellfish Nursery program to residents of Yarmouth. Receive 15 student grown oysters along with 10 oysters from a different local Maine oyster farmer each week. The Madeleine Point Oysters - Special YEF Stock are cage grown in the clean & crisp waters off of Madeleine Point in Yarmouth. Beginning their lives in the Yarmouth Shellfish Nursery upweller these oysters have been cared for by over 300 different Yarmouth Students. They were then brought into three different locations as a research project to find the most ideal growing site based on growth rates and studying the environment’s pH, temperature and salinity.

The Collaborators

Messages from the Founder, Kids & Parents

The Founder

The Kids

The Parents