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Industry & local topic discussions Saturdays @ 5:00

Collaboration With Thompson's Point!

Sat, Jun 13th
This week we are joined by the always friendly and always innovation team at Thompson's Point. When faced with the economic and health struggles of Covid these folks put their thinking caps on and rewrote their entire summer program. While many are sad that they won't be attending 2,000+ person concerts on the Point this summer, there's a whole new lineup of smaller scale creative experiences that you all can attend. Oh -  and we'll be there too!!

Community Focus

Sat, May 30th
In these trying times it’s important to focus on some positivity and C. Love Cookie Project as well as Farm To Table Kids are all about positivity. Katherine started C. Love Cookie Project to create employment for the immigrant community of Portland Maine as well as to give back while practicing the craft she loves more than anything. Steph began Farm to Table Kids to help young people gain the skills and knowledge necessary to be able to sustainably feed themselves and their communities.

Broadening Education

Sat, May 16th
Morgan from Aquaculture ME and Thomas from Madeleine Point Oyster Farm will join us in a discussion about hands on aquaculture education in Maine. The Yarmouth Education Foundation donated a generous grant to allow students (some of which will also be joining the conversation) to learn the ins and outs of Oyster Farming and we get to hear all about it!

Portland Local Business Support

Sat, May 9th

Surviving in a New Business Environment

Sat, Apr 25th

Joining Industry, Eduction & Instititution

Sat, Apr 18th

Why We Do What We Do

Sat, Apr 11th